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Download Policy

At Blón, while we do not offer downloadable products, we prioritize the security and integrity of any downloadable content that might be associated with your purchases, such as receipts or transaction records. Our policy ensures that all downloadable materials are strictly for personal use and are protected under our intellectual property rights. We vigilantly guard against unauthorized use or distribution of any such materials to safeguard both our interests and your transactional data. Please be aware that any misuse or unauthorized reproduction of these materials is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal action.

Refund Policy

At Blón, we stand by the quality of our products. Our return policy is straightforward – we accept returns only for products with apparent defects. In such cases, we are happy to exchange the defective item for another product. We understand the importance of your satisfaction and strive to ensure that every product you purchase meets our high standards. If you encounter an issue with any of our products, please contact us immediately for additional support. We are here to assist you with a smooth and fair exchange process.

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